Mark V Meets the Public

In the early 1960’s WMRB disc jockey Bob Poole was branching out. Poole had spent 1960 hosting the Championship Wrestling program on Greenville television station WFBC. After leaving that program he started a Sunday morning gospel television program that would bring the great gospel quartets of the 1950’s and early ‘60’s into the homes of … Continue reading Mark V Meets the Public

Moses Dillard

Moses Dillard began a recording career at Mark V Studios that would put him in the company of many of the legends of soul and R’n’B music and win him a Grammy and a Dove award. The bands he organized helped launch the careers of some of the biggest names in music to emerge from … Continue reading Moses Dillard

Working On A Building

The seed was planted at WESC and the Huffman brothers set out looking for the tools to commit their guitar noodling to tape. It was not aspirational yet. They were hobbyists, pure and simple. “(Bill) and Harold found somebody in Atlanta that had an Ampex recorder and two or three little items that made up … Continue reading Working On A Building


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Mark V Archive. by Jack Andrew Hines

Operating in Greenville, South Carolina from 1964 to 1991, Mark V Recording Studios drew from a vast cross-section of local and national talent. From Southern gospel to soul, rockabilly to big band jazz, the body of work created by Mark V Studios provides a panoramic look at Southern musical culture.

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